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Ultra-Personalisation at Scale

How Cellr delivered a deeper, meaningful & ultra-personalised connection for consumers of Brown Brothers' Prosecco.

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The Challenge

In a modern world where consumers expect personal connection and better engagement, how can your brand deliver an ultra-personalised and meaningful experience alongside your popular consumer goods? This is exactly the question Cellr was faced with, when approached by one of Australia's first families of wine, Brown Brothers, to deliver an interactive, engaging and personalised gifting campaign.

The Client:

Brown Brothers Family Wine

Brown Brothers have been pioneering the wine industry since 1889 across four generations, and although they are steeped in history and tradition, they are anything but, a traditional wine company. As a key member of Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW), Brown Brothers is proud to have forged a reputation as innovators and trailblazers. Based in the Milawa region of Australia's King Valley, the current generation of Brown Brothers are continually pushing boundaries and challenging status quo when it comes to winemaking, sustainability, and engaging with their consumers.

Industry: Wine

Location: Australia

The Solution

Bringing together the creative minds from Cellr and Brown Brothers, we developed an ultra-personalisation feature within Cellr's platform. We connected 150,000 Prosecco Rose bottles, all with unique QR Codes that were hidden under peel and reveal label. When scanned, a user could curate a personalised content experience for the recipient of their gift, all based on the moment they wanted to capture. Customers could write a personalised digital message for their loved ones, and add video content and photos that would be presented to a gift recipient upon scanning the packaging. All of this is delivered without the client needing to write a line of code.

The result:

A deeper & meaningful connection

The results from this campaign were phenomenal. Not only was Brown Brothers able to deliver an extremely personal connection to consumers, but this campaign also delivered high engagement rates, with the campaign achieving up to 79.63% CTR, compared with a maximum of 0.08% CTR for the same campaign’s social media advertising. It also saw a substantial increase in product sales due to the whole marketing campaign behind this promotion.

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