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The Challenge

Collaborating with other brands can help achieve various business goals, such as reaching new audiences, increasing brand credibility, boosting sales, and generating buzz. However, ensuring that both brands are well-aligned and derive mutual value is a significant challenge for successful collaboration. Learn how Cellr was able to deliver collaboration success when Brown Family Wine Group teamed with leading online beauty retailer Adore Beauty to deliver 1 million $20 gift vouchers with the purchase of selected Prosecco products.

The Client:

Brown Brothers Family Wine

Brown Brothers have been pioneering the wine industry since 1889 across four generations, and although they are steeped in history and tradition, they are anything but, a traditional wine company. As a key member of Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW), Brown Brothers is proud to have forged a reputation as innovators and trailblazers. Based in the Milawa region of Australia's King Valley, the current generation of Brown Brothers are continually pushing boundaries and challenging status quo when it comes to winemaking, sustainability, and engaging with their consumers.

Industry: Wine

Location: Australia

The Solution

The current retail landscape is highly competitive, and brands across different industries must continually innovate to meet evolving consumer expectations and attract and retain customers. Giveaways and redemptions have long been effective promotional tools, but they often come with logistical and operational challenges. Cellr recognised these challenges and developed a competition mechanic to remove barriers to delivering redemptions, while also providing brands with valuable data insights that can inform future marketing strategies and enhance the overall customer experience. Using Cellr, consumers could seamlessly scan a selected bottle of Brown Brothers Prosecco, enter their details, and receive a $20 gift voucher to be used on Adore Beauty's webstore.

The result:

A Successful Collaboration

By leveraging the Cellr platform, Brown Brothers and Adore Beauty were able to achieve exceptional results in their collaboration campaign. Brown Brothers surpassed their sales targets and became the strongest performer in their category with an impressive growth of 21%. Meanwhile, Adore Beauty captured over 2,000 new customers and successfully engaged numerous existing customers. All of these metrics exceeded the targets set at the beginning of the campaign, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Cellr platform in driving sales, customer acquisition, and engagement. This successful collaboration highlights the potential of innovative and well-executed promotional campaigns in achieving business goals and creating mutual value for both brands.

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