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Off-Premise Promotions

How brands are taking full control of off-premise promotions with Cellr

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The Challenge

Brand promotions, both on and off-premise, can play an important role in a brand's marketing strategy. But when products are sold by multiple wholesalers and retailers, it becomes difficult to retain control of brand messaging and customer analysis. As a premium wine label, it’s important to Brokenwood Wines that they connect and engage with consumers in a way that is both effective and efficient, which is why they utilised Cellr's software and services to deliver a frictionless and engaging experience for their brand partnership with iconic brand Budgy Smugglers.

The Client:

Brokenwood Wines

Established in 1970 Brokenwood Wines is one of Australia's most reputable premium wine labels and a must-visit in the Hunter Valley. With a portfolio of highly acclaimed wines, Brokenwood's mission is to 'make great wine and have fun'!

Industry: Wine

Location: NSW, Australia

The Solution

Using Cellr, Brokenwood delivered a digital competition that allowed purchasers of certain products, to enter a competition to win a fun, and 'cheeky' pair of branded Budgy Smugglers. Used as an opportunity to capture a more youthful, fun and beach-dwelling market, Brokenwood delivered this campaign across 12 Red Bottle liquor stores in Sydney NSW. Cellr's competition feature allowed customers to enter their details into a seamless web form, accessed via a QR code, which Brokenwood drew their winners from. This incentivised promotion gave consumers a fun reason to scan and engage, with no problems providing first-party data for future marketing and re-marketing.

The result:

A seamless and engaging off-premise promotion

This campaign delivered a seamless experience to consumers, gave full control to the brand, and provided plenty of data and analytics to strengthen the brand's future marketing and remarketing efforts. In addition, once the campaign was completed, Cellr provided the tools to change the content to be relevant and engaging, instead of seeing an outdated promotion.

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