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Cellr connects your physical and digital worlds at scale by pairing innovative software with connected technologies, giving brands the power to connect, engage and predict. Cellr unlocks endless opportunities for your brand to communicate with your consumer, building trust, loyalty and ultimately increasing sales and revenue.
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Connect physical objects with digital experiences, managing QR codes, NFC and other connected technologies.


Unlock consumer engagement with real-time, code-free content management, including geo-targeting, brand protection competitions, compliance and more.


Use Cellr to expand data capture points, learn direct consumer behaviours, and empower smarter business decisions.


Connected Technologies

Cellr revolutionises the connection between the physical world and digital experiences. Integrate smart packaging technologies with the Cellr SaaS platform to unlock global customer engagement at scale.


Cellr’s centralised cloud based platform is fundamental to a successful connected packaging strategy. The Cellr platform makes it easy to create and manage unlimited physical objects so you can connect them to the digital world to create seamless consumer experiences.

QR Codes

By using Cellr's platform to connect and manage QR codes, brands can ensure content is always relevant, dynamic, and even personalised.


Cellr's platform connects and manages with NFC/RFID technologies, delivering the ultimate anti-counterfeit and brand authentication solutions, while also enhancing consumer engagement.

Bespoke Solutions

Cellr delivers layered, bespoke solutions that integrate seamlessly into manufacturing and packaging processes, ensuring alignment and success for both marketing and packaging strategies.

Why Connected Packaging?

Connected packaging is the future of consumer engagement. In today's digital age, consumers demand more than just high-quality products and services; they crave genuine connection and engagement, as well as transparency about the social impact of their purchasing behaviour. A 2022 report shows that 88% of customers now consider the experience a company provides to be just as important as the products and services they offer. Cellr's platform and our team of connected packaging specialists simplify and revolutionise the way your brand can achieve a successful connected strategy. We work with you to understand your unique needs and deliver tailored solutions to achieve desired outcomes. Whether it's to improve consumer trust, build a stronger social license, educate consumers about products, or manage in-store promotions and competitions, Cellr has the solution to meet your business needs and stay ahead of the competition.
88% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its product or services
Report: Salesforce, State of the Connected Consumer 2022



Cellr is the ultimate solution for connecting brands with their consumers through strong & meaningful user experiences


Deliver targeted content, based entirely on a user’s geolocation - all with one point of connection.


A whole new channel for content, exclusive to those who are engaging with your physical product.


Deliver your next competition, promotion, or brand activation in a more sustainable & effective way.

Brand Protection

Combat brand theft with layered software & packaging solutions to suit your requirements.


Deliver the ultimate personalised experience to your consumer. From seasonal gifting to corporate opportunities.


Measure campaign activity with real-time analytics. Connect your Google or Meta Pixel for audience insights.

Success Stories

How brands have found success with Cellr

Cellr partners with your brand to craft a powerful and effective connected packaging strategy, designed to drive success and deepen consumer engagement. Our platform provides a direct digital channel to your consumers, allowing you to achieve your marketing goals and stand out in today's competitive market. Let us help bring value to your industry. Contact us to learn more.

Deliver Ultra-Personalisation

Brown Brothers

Cellr provided Brown Brothers with a digital-first solution for gifting products that delivers a deep, memorable and ultra-personalised experience. Customers could curate a personalised digital experience connected to a package, intended for the recipient of their gift with text, video, and imagery.

Strengthen the consumer experience


Boutique Mezcal producer Fulgencio has a beautiful story to tell. They have utilised Cellr and connected packaging to strengthen their consumer's experience by sharing cocktails and perfect serve recipes. This content, served alongside their stories of tradition and hand-crafted spirits delivers the perfect digital experience alongside their physical product.

Deliver trust and brand protection

Barossa Australia/BGWA

The Barossa Wine Auction is held every two years and sees wine collectors from around the globe bid for rare and distinguished lots from Australia’s premium wine region. Cellr partnered with BGWA to deliver the ultimate level of trust and veracity using NFC technology to verify and authenticate each item.

Streamline competitions & promotions


Brands can now strengthen their competitions and promotions through connected packaging, engaging with consumers in a way that is both effective and efficient. Premium wine brand, Brokenwood utilised Cellr's competition mechanic to deliver multiple competitions including a recent partnership with Budgy Smuggler.

Deliver a digital element to physical mediums

Hachette Australia

Extend a reader's experience with your book by harnessing the power of connected packaging. Hachette Publishing has used Cellr's software to deliver extra content, games, and information to readers, in addition to trade and media.

74% of customers say communicating honestly & transparently is more important than before the pandemic
Report: Salesforce, State of the Connected Consumer 2022


Cellr's connected packaging solutions are trusted by leading brands, with millions of products connected across industries including wine, spirits, FMCG, publishing, cosmetics, and agriculture.

Create the experience your customers expect.

We believe engagement isn’t a case of linking your homepage to a QR Code. Unlock the full potential of consumer experience with Cellr's world-leading strategy, technology and software solutions.

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Case Studies

Examples of how Cellr's connected packaging software delivers success 

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